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St Joseph's Res League winners 2001/2002

1 St Joseph's Res 21 13 6 2 85 48 37 45
2 Man Eurobet Res 21 11 4 6 52 37 16 37
3 Glacis Res 21 10 5 6 51 30 21 35
4 College Cosmos 21 10 2 9 60 59 1 32
5 Lincoln Res 21 10 2 9 48 57 -9 32
6 Morrocan Star 21 10 1 10 36 46 -10 31
7 Lions Res 21 5 3 13 30 50 -20 18
8 Laguna F.C. 21 2 1 18 27 82 -55 7

G.F.A 2nd Division Fixtures/Results - Season 2001-2002

02/10/2001St Joseph's Res5-0Laguna FC
03/10/2001Man Eurobet Res6-0Morrocan Star
04/10/2001Glacis Res0-1Lions Res
08/10/2001College Cosmos1-4Lincoln Res
11/10/2001Morrocan Star1-4St Josephs Res
16/10/2001Laguna FC0-3College Cosmos
18/10/2001Lions Res1-2Man Eurobet Res
18/10/2001Lincoln Res1-1Glacis Res
23/10/2001Laguna FC0-1Morrocan Star
29/10/2001College Cosmos0-4Glacis Res
30/10/2001Lincoln Res3-5St Joseph's Res
01/11/2001St Joseph's Res4-2Lions Res
01/11/2001Man Eurobet Res1-3Lincoln Res
06/11/2001Morrocan Star4-2College Cosmos
08/11/2001Lions Res0-2Laguna FC
12/11/2001Morrocan Star1-2Lions Res
13/11/2001Glacis Res1-1Man Eurobet Res
15/11/2001Laguna FC2-7Lincoln Res
19/11/2001St Joseph's Res1-5Glacis Res
20/11/2001Lions Res1-0College Cosmos
22/11/2001Lincoln Res0-1Morrocan Star
26/11/2001College Cosmos4-2Man Eurobet Res
27/11/2001Glacis Res1-0Laguna FC
29/11/2001St Joseph's Res5-3College Cosmos
03/12/2001Man Eurobet Res1-1St Joseph's Res
04/12/2001Lions Res3-3Lincoln Res
06/12/2001Morrocan Star1-4Glacis Res
10/12/2001Laguna FC3-9St Joseph's Res
11/12/2001Lincoln Res2-4College Cosmos
13/12/2001Laguna FC1-8Man Eurobet Res
18/12/2001Lions Res0-0Glacis Res
19/12/2001Lincoln Res1-2Laguna FC
20/12/2001Morrocan Star3-0Man Eurobet Res
14/01/2002College Cosmos4-4Laguna FC
21/01/2002Glacis Res4-3Lincoln Res
24/01/2002Man Eurobet Res2-1Lions Res
28/01/2002Morrocan Star3-2Laguna FC
31/01/2002Lions Res1-3St Joseph's Res
16/02/2002St Joseph's Res2-2Morrocan Star
18/02/2002Glacis Res5-2College Cosmos
18/02/2002Laguna FC2-4Lions Res
19/02/2002St Joseph's Res8-1Lincoln Res
21/02/2002College Cosmos0-4Morrocan Star
21/02/2002Man Eurobet Res3-1Glacis Res
02/03/2002Glacis Res3-3St Joseph's Res
04/03/2002Lions Res0-3Morrocan Star
05/03/2002Man Eurobet Res1-3College Cosmos
07/03/2002Morrocan Star2-1Lincoln Res
12/03/2002St Joseph's Res6-1Man Eurobet Res
13/03/2002College Cosmos4-2Lions Res
14/03/2002Laguna FC2-4Glacis Res
16/03/2002College Cosmos0-2St Joseph's Res
18/03/2002Glacis ResP-PMorrocan Star
19/03/2002Man Eurobet Res7-0Laguna FC
21/03/2002Lincoln Res2-1Lions Res
25/03/2002St Joseph's Res6-3Laguna FC
26/03/2002Man Eurobet Res3-0Morrocan Star
04/04/2002College Cosmos5-2Lincoln Res
08/04/2002Laguna FC3-7College Cosmos
09/04/2002Lions Res2-7Man Eurobet Res
11/04/2002Morrocan Star0-2St Josephs Res
11/04/2002Lincoln Res2-0Glacis Res
15/04/2002Lincoln Res1-3Man Eurobet Res
16/04/2002Glacis Res5-0Lions Res
18/04/2002Laguna FC0-0Morrocan Star
Match abandoned 75th minute. Match has been given a 0-0 score and no points either team.
18/04/2002St Josephs Res4-4Lions Res
22/04/2002Man Eurobet Res0-2Lincoln Res
23/04/2002College Cosmos3-2Glacis Res
25/04/2002Lions Res3-0Laguna FC
Match abandoned at Half Time due to Laguna FC could only field 6 players.
25/04/2002Lincoln Res4-2St Josephs Res
29/04/2002Glacis Res1-1Man Eurobet Res
30/04/2002Morrocan Star2-4College Cosmos
04/05/2002Lions Res-w/oLincoln Res
07/05/2002Morrocan Star4-2Lions Res
07/05/2002Laguna FC1-3Lincoln Res
09/05/2002St Josephs Res4-2Glacis Res
09/05/2002College Cosmos2-3Man Eurobet Res
13/05/2002Lions Res0-4College Cosmos
15/05/2002Glacis Res3-0Laguna FC
Walkover for Glacis Res
16/05/2002Lincoln Res3-1Morrocan Star
20/05/2002Man Eurobet Res2-2St Josephs Res
27/05/2002Laguna FC0-3Man Eurobet Res
Walkover for Man Eurobet Res
27/05/2002Morrocan Star1-9Glacis Res
28/05/2002St Josephs Res6-6College Cosmos

End of Season

GFA 1st Division 2001/2002
GFA 3rd Division 2001/2002
Rock Cup 2002
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Season 2001/2002